About ZeroPSI mobile fibre laboratory

Zero Psi was founded in 2009 by Peter Munday who has over 30 years experience in customer support and sales for the television broadcast market place having worked for Aston Electronics as both a Service Manager and Sales Director. Since 2003 Peter has specialized in the sales and support of various active and passive fibre optics products including signal transport systems and harsh environment fibre optic infrastructure.

Fibre optic infrastructure

During this time the broadcast market has been rapidly adopting fibre optic infrastructure to support HD services and this led to the idea of starting a company focused on supporting its customers transition to this new infrastructure and Zero Psi was born with the slogan “No Pressure Just Service“.

Purpose built mobile fibre laboratory

A purpose built mobile fibre laboratory that provides the appropriate controlled environment and bench equipment to conduct fibre optic termination on site or in the field. Equipped with the latest state of the art fibre optic termination, test and repair equipment the mobile unit provides facilities that are normally only associated with in-house fibre termination centres. The mobile fibre laboratory can operate independently using its own on board power unit allowing its use in remote locations. Portable termination facilities are also available to provide support for fixed infrastructure installation and repairs.

The unit is fully configured to support and terminate LEMO – 3k.93c SMPTE 311M HDTV hybrid cable assemblies and offers support for other tactical deployable fibre optic assemblies from LEMO and OpticalCon DUO and QUAD products from Neutrik®.  Fusion Splice capabilities provide support for installation and rapid repair of both premise fibre optic infrastructure and deployable tactical assemblies.

mobile fibre laboratory