Termination Trays

SMPTE Fibre Splice Tray

Fibre Optic Termination Trays

Designed to terminate SMPTE 311 infrastructure cables and present the fibre and electrical cores as a plug-and-play interface for ease of installation and maintenance.

Supplied as either single or dual channel configuration, the fibre cores from the SMPTE cable can be fibre spliced onto the supplied single mode SC patch cord (splice protectors supplied) and then plugged into the panel mount SC Adaptors. The incoming electrical cores can then be crimp terminated and inserted into the 6 pin Mate-N-Lok panel sockets.

Lemo 3K Breakout Assemblies

Fibre Optic Termination Tray breakout

Designed for use with the Fibre Splice Tray these pre-terminated Lemo 3K.93C panel connectors allow fast plug-n-play cable installations or replacement of faulty infrastructure connectors. Eliminates the need to terminate and polish Lemo 3Kconnectors on-site.

Lemo 3k Terminated Fibre Splice Tray

Fibre Optic Termination Trays terminated splice

Fitted with up to 10 Lemo 3K series EDW or FXW connectors, is designed for terminating SMPTE infrastructure cables in a central apparatus room or a patching area.

Each incoming SMPTE cable can be threaded through an individual gland and the strain relief member fixed to the screw clamp. The electrical cores are then fitted to the wago terminal blocks and the fibres routed round to the splice tray stack for splicing onto the matching fibres from the front panel connectors.