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Optiva Opticomm Active Products

The Optiva® Platform is a user-configurable video, audio & data fiber optic transport system. Designed to fit a wide variety of applications, Optiva offers a diverse selection of signals combined with the flexibility of an upgradeable system, maximizing the overall system return on investment.

Signal Options Include: 3G, HD-SDI, SDI, SD Composite, Analogue Audio, AES, Serial Data, Ethernet, USB, RF L- Band, DVI,HDMI,RGBHV & VGA.

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Opticomm OTP-1DVI2A1SU
DVI/VGA/RGB, Stereo Audio/SPDIF & USB Extender

The Optiva® OTP-1DVI2A1SU is the perfect solution for transmitting the full range of VESA dual-link DVI and SMPTE compliant real-time video with audio and serial data capabilities over fibre.

Supports real time video up to 1080p@60hz
Full EDID over Duplex data Stream
HDMI v1.3a and HDCP v1.3b
USB 2.0
Video Scaling to Displays Native Resolution
(up to 1600 x 1200)

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OTL-1 Wideband RF Optical Link

opticomm OTL-1 Wideband RF Optical Link
50 to 3000 MHz optimized for IF, L and S band satellite signals
30dB adjustable gain range provides perfect level match for signal distribution
Unique peak optimizer and SmartGain™ control
50 & 75 Ohm BNC or 50 Ohm SMA
Tx & Rx RF power monitors via LED, SMA & remote
LNB power
SNMP monitoring and contro
High-dynamic-range, optically-isolated DFB lasers run cooler and require less power
Fits in Optiva® enclosures, which support Daisy Chain™ video, audio and data links.
Hot swap redundant power supplies virtually eliminate downtime
16, 4, 2, & 1 slot enclosures available
CE & CSA Certified Device

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